Mae Scanlan: Omar Moves On

Dear Once-Revered, my moving finger writes,
And bids farewell to all our starry nights.
My Road of Life has taken twists and turns,
And, as of now, I'm booked on other flights.

That book of verses, loaf of bread and all,
Are starting, if the truth be known, to pall.
That jug of wine has lost its pow'r to tempt,
And I, alas, now heed another's call.

A sultry damsel from another tent
Sent forth her siren song, and so I went.
We lingered in a caravanserai,
And oh, the joie de vivre! The merriment!

Of time remaining, I must make the most
Before the beck'ning grave becomes my host.
I've made my choice -- my new love reigns supreme,
And thou (forgive my heartlessness) art toast.

Condemn me not! I wish thee sunny skies,
And riches in an earthly Paradise.
But as for what we had, remember this:
The flow'r that once has blown, forever dies.