Sally Carter: The School Reunion



How wonderful to see you, Mark! I'd know you anywhere.
Blinkin' heck; he once was hot. What happened to his hair?


Rosie, you look fabulous - six kids and still so trim!
Oh, how I'd hoped she'd be obese – and I, conversely, slim!


Darling, what a thrill it is to meet with you again.
I need some clues; girls, help me out – what is this oddball's name?


Look everyone, it's Jacqueline! Fantastic that you came.
Well blow me down! It's forty years and still her style's the same.


Goodness, James, what tales you tell of life as a JP!
Trust me to find a fascist - please, someone rescue me . . .



The vino flows and spirits rise; reflecting, reminiscing.
Wives and teachers, kids and jobs, who's here, who's died, who's missing.
We offer mutual compliments, deny our years are showing.
And swap our details, 'cause of course we'll keep the contact going.
And now a year has passed and gone, how many have I rung?
Well, now you come to mention it, as usual - just the one.