In This Issue

. . . Sue Brown welcomes an old friend feared dead.
Michael Cantor appears to edit a publication to which few of us will feel inclined to submit light verse .
Sally Carter goes back to school .
Anna Evans battles against The Poet’s eternal triple whammy of depression, self-pity and doubt - but lightly!
Bill Holloway on geophagism.  Go on, look it up. Just like the rest of us had to!  
Susan Jarvis on how her age shall not weary. Get the picture?
Susan McLean relishes the prospect of upwards and onwards again; but only after a necessary interval.  
D A Prince learns from the sad end of a lovable but foolish old bird.
Lynn Roberts copes with a Classical problem - marriage to a love-god who plays around as well as a round.  
Mae Scanlan tells of a girl who could can-can and often did-did.
George Simmers on a newspaper which puts its biggest news items on Page Three and Page Four and Page Five.
Julie Stoner is a 99% inert man, and loving it.
Judi Sutherland drinks, but not nearly enough.
Frances Thompson’s bad animal verses  (Her description, not mine. Ed.)
Leo Vincent on the advertised needs of a Danish gravedigger, three Scottish witches, Julius Caesar et al.
Gail White looks back on her dog days .