Happy Ever Asda

“Asda has launched a dating website that matches potential partners based on their shopping habits.”  The Grocer, 1 February 2011

Darling, when you chose that chicken korma
ready meal for one, could it be you
were also choosing me? What hidden karma
drew you to that packet of mange tout?
As you squeezed that triple-velvet toilet roll,
what other dimpled tissue did you squeeze?
Was it to cool the ardour in your soul
you bought that bag of Birds Eye frozen peas?
Does destiny lie waiting in the lists
we scribble down each day—not in the stars,
but in the way you overlooked that Twix
in favour of some choc chip Tracker bars?
Those Tracker bars were buy one get one free
and the one you got, my love, was me!

Nick Asbury