D a w d l e !

Today's big worry: hurry.
Don't be last; go fast.

Find the room to zoom,
Paddle and skedaddle.

Well, ding dong, that's wrong.
Immerse in the reverse:

Pay no heed to speed;
The way to go is slow.

Make your goal a stroll;
Eschew the leap, just creep.

Heed the call to crawl;
Don't play tag, just lag.

On escapes, just traipse;
Avoid the fray; delay.

Don't make a race your pace;
Be sure to stop and flop.

Give the nod to plod;
Shun the scuffle: shuffle.

Don't make tracks; relax.
It's a cinch to inch.

Make your Grail the snail.
Think "status quo" -- go slow.

Mae Scanlan