Mad March Air

Greet this month all effervescent!
Greet it brisker, blither, bolder!
March, when bird-song is incessant,
March, the daffodil-unfolder!

Multi-lagged and layered? Feeling
Itchy thermals put down suckers?
Let March sunshine prompt to peeling
Winter’s weighty bibs and tuckers!

Ancient proverbs? Too faint-hearted!
Cast some clouts, I say, unbutton!
Yes, though lamb-like March has started,
Look, it’s going out as mutton . . .

River-meadows, fresh and floral,
Were you worth those Arctic piercings
Now my red-hot head’s all choral
Water-music, like the weir sings?

Pass the pills and pour the potions,
Cosset me, and feed my fever!
Next year, no such false spring notions,
March, old serial-deceiver!

Jerome Betts