Douglas Brown -- The Day Werner Heisenberg Ran Over Schrodinger's Cat

Physicist Heisenberg * phoned Erwin Schrodinger,
“Sprawled on the roadside, I see your cat linger.”
Thinking a moment, Herr Schrodinger said,
“Is he still living, or does he look dead ?”

Heisenberg pulled his car over, and parked;
Studied the cat, and then gravely remarked,
“Maybe he’s dead - or he might just be hurtin’.
That’s my dilemma; I’m always uncertain.”

Moral; a physicist can’t be relied
to tell if a feline has actually died.
For absolute certainty, Erwin should get
An autopsy done by a qualified vet.

* the German theoretical physicist who asserted the uncertainty principle of quantum theory.

(As if you didn't already know! - Ed..)