In This Issue

Well, well! Half way through 2012 and still no mention of the Titanic or the Diamond Jubilee!

Instead, in this Issue we do have :-

Douglas Brown with the remains, or maybe not, of Schrodinger's Cat --

Gail White tailgating with the Greats --

Jerome Betts with woollen stockings --

Sally Carter helping a husband towards his fantasies --

Leo Vincent journeying intrepidly to the Thames Estuary's least tropical island --

Brendan Beary with a poem which took centuries in the writing --

Heather Reid with some alternative LOLs for our own Little Boy Blue, David Cameron --

Jayne Osborn with a key problem of the basic kind which still plagues this Editor --

Geoff Lander lamenting the loss of one of English cricket's best and most respected --

Chris O'Carroll on why we are unlikely see him on an Olympic podium this year --


plus:- Alanna Blake, Jean L Kreiling, Mae Scanlan, Karen Doherty, Pat D'Amico, Kathy Gee,

and newcomers not already mentioned above, Joyce La Mers, Kathy El-Assal and Miriam Sulhunt.

All this plus the results of Competition 17, (Rejection) and a potentially addictive NEW Competition.