Mae Scanlan : Anger Unmanaged

Anger's a noble emotion,
As normal as sunshine, or rain;
It's like an elixir, or potion,
That sends up a charge to one's brain.

When one has been irked beyond measure,
It's such a cathartic to leer,
Then burst into rage. What a pleasure,
To watch the reaction of fear.

To smash a decanter of whiskey,
Or wallop a wall with one's fenders,
By some might be thought of as risky,
But what satisfaction it renders!

When major vexations lurk nearer,
A good way of clearing the decks
Is to hurl something large at a mirror --
It's better than money or sex.

So, Willie, or Sally, or Randall,
Get mad, lose your temper, and fume;
Boil over, and fly off the handle;
Good luck as you lower the boom!