Jerome Betts : Cellular Consolation

‘From relatively early adult life the number of
brain cells is steadily declining - by many
thousands each year - and these cannot be replaced.’
- Magazine article

Read in the pages of popular journals,
Medical snippets can stab at our kernels.

Viz., at the age of around twenty-four
Brain cells begin to go pop by the score.

Science, in one of its gloomier facets,
Marks the things down as diminishing assets.

Worse, there is worse, this too barely faceable,
Brain cells that perish are quite irreplaceable!

Not the most pleasing of prospects, you find?
Hardly a thought to promote peace of mind?

Here, like a duffel-coat lacking its toggles,
Mine gapes wide open, starts flapping, and boggles.

Time leaves us duller, demented, declining?
Deep in the cloud is there no silver lining?

Yes! If correct, then the fact at least quells
Seniors who boast that ‘Experience tells!’

Just what it tells, he or she surely garbles
Since they have lost rather more of their marbles.