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Kim Jong-Un, Richard the Third, Hamlet, a hyperactive child, a good man gone, and a rubber duck feature amid a gallimaufry of feta cheese, weeds, ugly babies, fashion grumps, mannequins, hyacinths, biscuits, disillusioned satirists, a bargain-seeker, the battle of the sexes, le vice anglais and the satisfaction of teaching a doctor to suck eggs.

… some of the above having been provided by newcomers Brian Allgar, Martin Choules and Jenny Galton-Fenzi.

The next Issue of Lighten Up Online will, hopefully, be produced from our new home in the epicentre of England’s southern floodplain and on an entirely new and very frightening bank of both hard and soft ware. Or perhaps not produced --  my track record as both swimmer and computer geek being highly questionable.!

From mid-July any of you passing through Downton, about six miles south of Salisbury, will be welcomed with cries for help and the offer of wine on the bank of the River Avon.