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A scavenger in six-inch heels,
a haggler haunting bargain aisles,
this gal knew how to find good deals.

She liked to wear the latest styles,
but only bought them on the cheap.
A haggler haunting bargain aisles,

resisting when the price was steep
she scoured the ads (and skipped the news),
in hopes of finding, on the cheap,

the Guccis or the Jimmy Choos
that would make her a perfect ten.
She scoured the ads and skipped the news

and went to bars to shop for men.
One took her home—he liked a dame
whose legs made her a perfect ten—

and then he paid the bills that came,
and she could shop less carefully.
He took her home—a well-dressed dame,

and smart. She would no longer be
a scavenger in six-inch heels,
no longer shopping carefully.
This gal knew how to find good deals.