Issue 24 : In this Issue

This Issue completes our sixth year.

Since 2008 we have published work by one hundred and twenty poets, several of whom had never been published before, and built up a world-wide network of readers not all of whom seem to be Chinese hackers or Ukrainian spammers. The endearingly enthusiastic wish from both readers and poets is that Lighten Up Online should continue to do what it has always sought to do, namely to wave the flag for light verse.

So, onwards to 2014 and our seventh year, the March Issue of which will be guest-edited by Jerome Betts whose wit, style and technical skill are well known to our readers. I have assured him that the job and the people he will be dealing with are a constant delight and that he will enjoy the job every bit as much as I do. Treat him gently!

Among the Christmas decorations in this Issue 24 are some not unanimously joyous offerings from Brendan Beary, Chris O'Carroll, Gillian Ewing and Peter Goulding, plus :--

  • Melissa Balmain on ebay -
  • Rob Stuart admitting failure with a tricky verse form -
  • Leo Vincent on Professor Brian Cox, the BBC's omnipresent wunderkind of Science -
  • Jean L Kreiling left wondering -
  • Mae Scanlan gloating -
  • Jerome Betts with a tale of bare-faced military cheek -
  • AND a rich assortment of baubles, bangles and beads from D A Prince, Jane Dards, Maryann Corbett, Brian Allgar, Geoff Lander, Rob Barratt, Susan Jarvis and S.O.Fasrus
  • PLUS, newcomers Rosemary Court, David J Kelly and Di Slaney.

A very happy Christmas and a successful 2014 to all our readers and contributors. You have between you made a success out of Lighten Up Online. Long may you continue to do so.


And now for something completely different!

I hope that while you are awash with the spirit of goodwill you will find time to read the opening entry in the News Section and perhaps help us continue to be able to wave the light verse flag.