Steve Diamond: You Have No Secrets

The hackers can hack your computer
The government hijack your phone.
Try as you might to remain out of sight
You can never be sure you’re alone.

For secrets you’d rather be keeping
No password’s sufficient to hide.
Data’s the rage of the digital age
Even stuff you don’t want to provide.    

Your computer will say it’s deleted
Which is something you shouldn’t believe
For, though you may strive to wipe your hard drive
There is nothing a geek can’t retrieve.

You cancel your internet access
You refuse to use fax, mail or phone
You flee to the woods - they’ll still get the goods,
You will never escape Google’s drone.

But what if you’ve never been gambling
What if you’ve never been whoring
If, hard as you’ve tried, you’ve nothing to hide
The world will soon find you are boring.