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The Ombery dwells in a cave on a moon
Of a planet that nobody sees.
He’s the oddest of creatures, a mixture of features
Supported by knees like a bee’s,
With the claws of a cat and the wings of a bat
And the intricate eye of a spider,
The crest of a cock, and the jaws of a croc
But much toothier, smilier, wider.

“Time for lunch!” he declares, for he constantly wears
His heart on his sleeve like a clock,
So he knows to a second the time of his life
From the sound of the tick and the tock.
He has to stick tight to perpetual night,
For the sunshine would turn him to powder;
He lives, as he must, on a diet of dust
And occasional arthropod chowder.

He carries a spoon as he strolls on the moon
To scoop out the brains of a friend
Who is happy to give him a piece of his mind
For the Omberies borrow and lend.
The following day he will gladly repay,
And with interest the whole of the loan.
“Reimbursement in kind” is the contract they signed,
So he’ll throw in a mind of his own.