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LUPO embarks on its eighth year in a still miraculously intact UK well ahead of whatever political horlicks, possibly laced with green salad and haggis, is produced on polling day in May. Meanwhile, to take our minds off the potential coalitional chienlit, our March bill presents a cast of assorted ancients, authors, bards, book-losers and lovers, bosses, cat-stranglers, fans, party poopers, roamers, school stars, show and tellers, songsters bejeaned or feathered, soya-lovers, spring taskers, toasters and typewriters.

To accompany our seasoned light troupers, we welcome the debut acts of Brian Bilston, Sharon Boyle, Edmund Conti, Sylvia Fairley, Ann Gibson and L.A. Mereoie.

On a personal note, I hope that the dropping of ‘Guest’ from my current job description (see Martin Parker’s announcement in the News section) will not cause any Costa Concordia-style jolts to the passengers and crew of the good ship LUPO. Martin has merely chosen to transfer to Steerage Class from which he will continue to keep a fatherly eye on his brain-child, for whose conception and  birth I and many others in our global verse community will remain eternally grateful.

With three issues already under my belt, and Martin lurking below decks, it should be, if not always plain sailing, at least steady as she goes, so do please keep those well-crafted, wise, way-out and witty words coming for Issue 30 in June.

Jerome Betts