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As I raise my glass in tribute, you’re the dish I celebrate,
you’re delicious, you’re seductive, as you gleam upon the plate
and I’ll put up no resistance, you’re the one I must ingest;
I salute you, veggie burger, you’re delectably the best!

For you’re packed with soya protein, fighting fit and full of beans,
with emulsifying substances, assorted carotenes
and a flavoursome enhancer (an extracted form of yeast),
plus a host of added vitamins – and nothing that’s deceased.

So there won’t be any gristle or unmentionable parts
in a masterpiece that demonstrates the culinary arts,
and I’m confident there’ll not be any badger bits, or horse,
for the Soil Association will have verified the source.

With a tantalising texture, more provocative than meat
and a ravishing aroma, you’ll become the festive treat;
you’ll be served up in a bun that’s non-GM and gluten-free,
and revered by all who worship at the shrine of TVP.