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Come gather round Luddites and grim technophobes
and admit that your iPhone won't fry frontal lobes,
and your eyes aren't burned out by those LE diodes,
you have no excuse though you're ageing.
Yes, you're breaking the law with those Dylan downloads,
oh, the rhymes they are a-changing.

(Any available digitally sampled harmonica interlude, ad lib.)

If your Wi-Fi goes down you're a guy to avoid,
there's a word for you, man, and that word is schizoid,
so you don't give a damn your home life is destroyed,
it's a 4GL war that's a-raging,
now your best friend in life is hi-tech and android,
oh, the rhymes they are a-changing.

It's a feature of life people reap what they sow,
so their local town centre's become a side show,
since they order their goods with a hand-held gizmo
it's a fight to the last Kindle's waging
and the book shop's the first place that's likely to go,
oh, the rhymes they are a-changing.