In This Issue

With ancestral voices prophesying spring, LUPO 33 greets it in advance with a bevy of birds, squawking, hatching, opera-singing, beard-combing and courting. Other performers include children, growing, chorusing and questioning, a cat, washing, and various creatures  . . .  let us not go there but pass rapidly on to a penitent pest, a mantis, a whole Arkful of animals, sea-rats, and a fishy experience leading up to the Interval, with its quintet of quirks by Pat D’Amico, Robert West, Peggy Verrall, Michael Swan and L.A. Mereoie,

The second half opens with global warming, love, marriage and a brace of brain-stretchers, before a variety of turns, mainly literary rather than nasty, culminating, via a gang of gold-grabbing geriatric geezers in Hatton Garden, across the Atlantic in Atlanta with a pair of gold-plated . . . let us not go there but pass rapidly on to Competition 32, featuring Robert Schechter, Mae Scanlan, Melissa Balmain, Gillian Ewing, Patrick Biggs, Martin Parker, Brian Allgar and L.A. Mereoie.

No less than eight sizzling stanza-slingers tread LUPO’s boards for the first time, namely and gamely Kim Bridgford, Janice Canerdy, Susanna Clayson, Susan Evans, Tracey Gratch, Kathleen Naureckas, Peggy Verrall and P. J. Wren.  A warm  welcome to them, and a happy St David’s Day to us all.