In This Issue

The Camerons and the Goves depart, along with the Phelps, Bolts and Farahs, but LUPO sails serenely on, loaded with lines from the (still) UK, USA, NZ, India and Malta. Issue 35 for September 2016 features airports, a Bear, chatupology, children, Cho-Cho-san, clever pants ants, clowns, dogs, family life, hair, husbands, iguana-friendly islands, marriage, massive munching monks, Parkers (D and M), politicians and other sources of merriment.

In the Intervals, John Cooper, Pat D’Amico, Jan D. Hodge, Jonathan Humble, Prasanna Kenkre, Tristan Moss, Gregory Palmerino, Brent Southgate and Robert West demonstrate what brevity is the soul of, and the Competition 34 winners, namely Douglas G. Brown, Susanna Clayson, C.R. Edenhill, L. A. Mereoie, D. A. Prince and Liza McAlister Williams, take off in different directions from a first line by the late R. P. Lister.

As well as illuminating many of the usual suspects, the September spotlights shine on a baker’s dozen of LUPO first-timers, Tanja Cilia, Sally Cook, John Cooper, Luigi Coppola, Johanna Evenson, Conrad Geller, Prasanna Kenkre, Greg Palmerino, Jonathan Pinnock, Seth Ruderman, David Seddon, Brent Southgate and Peter Venable.

A warm welcome to the on-board boards to them, and a happy autumn to all our contributors and readers.