Brian Allgar: The Quembling

The Quembling longed to have a friend
Who’d treat her with affection,
But every shy attempt would end
In laughter and rejection.

The others never ceased to mock
Her lumpy ears and toes,
Her straw-filled sleeves, her ragged frock,
Her bulbous turnip-nose.

And so she came to Earth to find
A friend to share her life,
A gentle soul, polite and kind,
Who’d take her for his wife.

She looked for him throughout the land
In village and in city,
Yet no one asked her for her hand,
Or even thought her pretty.

She traipsed through countryside and wood
Until, one moonlit night,
She cried with joy, for there he stood,
Her longed-for Mr Right.

She snuggled up, no longer shy,
And kissed him on the cheek,
Which brought a glimmer to his eye
Although he couldn’t speak.

So there they stand, as in a dream;
Contentedly, she knows
That they’ve become a perfect team
For scaring off the crows.