Robert West: Better Off

  “He could have bought and sold me ten times over.”
  You’re here, though. Him? He’s six feet under clover.

  Brent Southgate: Martial Poems I.110

  “Don’t write long epigrams!”
  You tell me. Good advice.
  You yourself write nothing,
  So yours are more concise.


  Tristan Moss: Public Transport

  Stand up for public transport
   the Labour Party say.
   So on the train I do my bit
   and stand up every day.


  Pat D’Amico: Pick-Up Person

  I stand in the rain like a nincompoop
  In one hand a leash, in the other a scoop,
  I’m happy to be a significant cog
  Revolving around the love of a dog.

Woman with umbrella, scoop and dog










From Thwarting Father Time
Illustration by Pete D’Amico


  Robert West: To a Pastoral Poet
  Pressing His Luck in Town

  I too have been acquainted with the night.
  That’s why I say, be safe: stay in and write.