Daniel Galef: Don't Act Now

Those who claim that the opportunity to chase your dreams is
     a blessing have obviously been issued a defective edition
     of the dictionary in which, possibly among several other
     minor errors, the definition of the word ‘blessing ' has
     been substituted for that of the word “curse”;
After all, time changes things, for the worse:
But, thankfully, on a note you will if you haven’t already,
     or won’t if it’s too late, find discordant,
With time, you’ll see, dreams become less impordant.
Not least because it is demonstrably true that a steady salary,
     a house full of people who know your first name but don’t
     use it, 1.73 automobiles, and a glacially but relentlessly
     growing sense of impersonal resentment
Does possess several distinct advantages to contentment.
Because no matter how many plastic-haired men with coat
     hanger grins and a book to plug say otherwise, a thing
     will not come to pass because you will it,
And several ponderous and imponderous multipliers separate
     those who had a dream and never made good on it from those
     who also had but went on to fulfill it.
Of course, as they say, whoever “they” are, dreams take work,
And forgoing this thorn as most do has its one obvious perk,
In that it allows for time and resources necessary to do some
     different and exciting type of labor, which may grant in turn
     a well-waxed red lawnmower and a remote controlled
     pushbutton garage door opener and a certain cheaply-priced
     alternative to thinking that comes in a yellow cardboard box
     with the words ‘New and Improved’ written on it in large
     sans-serif type and employing a dynamic approach to
     marketing design incorporating sweeping diagonal stripes.
Those who go down this path may have their gripes,
But they eat them, too, and the gripes of steady pay and
     statistically-average children learning piano and New Math
Are very trivially superior to the gripes of not-any-of-that,
     which tend to include the gripes of want and the gripes of
     regret, not to mention the gripes of wrath.
So for the sake of all that makes any sense and by the name of
     all that’s good and holy, go ahead and keep your head and
     your hopes down, your ear to the grindstone, your shoulder
     firmly on the ground, and your nose to the plow,
But maybe I’ll just sit here and keep at it, because I’m too stubborn
     and too stupid to stop now.