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Herewith some thoughts on men of lett.,
The not-so-hot, and somewhat bett.:
It's fair to say that Edward Gibb.
Is more esteemed than Colley Cibb.
While some are fond of William Cowp.,
Some others find his writings stup.
One sheds a tear for Thomas Chatt.
Who all too soon gave up Life's batt.
Distinct from Shakespeare, William Word.
Was disinclined to write of murd.
The poetry of Matthew Arn.
One might aver it's hard to tarn.,
As well as that of Omar Khayy.,
Though some folks far prefer John Dry.
The plays of Richard Brinsley Sher.
Might be enjoyed on outdoor terr.
And last, let's hope that Samuel John.
Holds court up in the wild blue yon.