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Robert West: Apostate

Up off his knees, unconfessed and uncrossed,
he once was found, yes – but now likes being lost.


James B. Nicola: A Safe Proposition

I wouldn’t want to be coercing you
to do a thing you wouldn’t want to do
but be assured I’d probably requite
well anything you’d like or think you might.


Sally Cook: The Drone

It buzzes and birds scatter,
This metal pseudo-bird.
The color doesn’t matter,
Its function, so I’ve heard,
Is to record our actions
Just where we go, with whom,
And favorite interactions
Until we reach the tomb.

Damian Balassone: Masquerade of Man

I tried out for the pantomime
but nothing went to plan,
so now I wear a suit and join
the masquerade of man.

Jeremy Wikeley: Shadows

When I met the shadow
of my former self I
asked him whether he had
met my current shadow.

Yes, he said, they’d already
talked behind my back.

S.O. Fasrus: Hoard And Dodgings

I don't mind if my boarder
Seems a bit of a hoarder
But dodging the rent
Is well out of order.

Robert West: I Corinthians 13:4

So “love is patient, love is kind”?
Pal, love can make you lose your mind.