INTERVAL ONE: Twos And Fours

L.A. Mereoie: Reindeer Rumination

In a climate that tends to congeal,
A moss is as good as a meal.


Ed Shacklee: The Antelope

The antelope is springy and superlatively agile,
but frail and fragile,
and — like all who run from their troubles — finds the lion, without question,
has a quicker digestion.


Rick Blum: Swan Song

When it’s time to bury me
Please don’t pen an elegy.
Just say that I gave a damn,
Then read this cheeky epigram


James B. Nicola: There’s Too Much Chat

There’s too much chat by half in gyms and Ys—
Unless that is the point of exercise.


Pat D’Amico: Designated Bathrooms

In a funeral parlor
(Only in verse)
I’d label the bathrooms
Hymns and Hearse.


Daniel Galef: Much Fun

A saint


Damian Balassone: The Bureaucrat

He served the republic with utter distinction;
his days in the office were memorable ones:
he covered the monsters with insect repellent
and shot the mosquitos with elephant guns.


Peter Fereday: Blatant lies about nature: No. 43: The Kittiwake

The kittiwake's a stupid bird, it nests on narrow ledges.
Its favourite dish is battered fish with baked potato wedges.
There's lots of them in Newcastle, you see them on the bridges.
They drink Brown Ale with Jimmy Nail and lay their eggs in fridges.


L.A. Mereoie: Ansers Away!

Here Lies A Pair Of Fine Fat Geese —
Safe In The Oven, Roast In Peace.