Tony Peyser: Fatman

His willpower to eat healthy food
   Is pretty much zero
But he’s still the world’s very first
   Overweight superhero.

When this crime-crusher’s needed
   And comes to put things right
He fears no foe but sugar, which
   Remains his Kryptonite.

All his enemies feel his wrath and
   He scares many to death
Even though when he chases them
   He’s often out of breath.

Fatman, a real American champion,
    Starts each day with Wheaties.
(He sometimes puts honey on them. This
   Doesn’t help his diabetes.)

Whenever a battle’s raging, you’ll
   Watch epic Fatman fights:
(The collateral damage is usually
   Tearing holes in his tights.)

To stop evil and greedy mobsters from
   Robbing the biggest banks
Fatman’s always one step ahead while
   Wearing two pair of Spanx.

Even though he looks like a slob
   Fatman’s always in charge:
He’s extra smart and extra tough
   And extra extra large.