In This Issue

LUPO 39 emerges into September’s sun, rain, wind and flying leaves faced by a domestic political landscape somewhat different from that anticipated in the June issue. However, it intends to keep calm and carry on, despite having been invaded by the bovine ilk of the great Nash. Picking their way among the cow-pats, other contributors offer their thoughts on cricket, family games and cars, food (nouvelle, non-vegan, Nirvanan and Nigellan), pubs, relationships, spooks, verse, work and yoga, not to mention Martin Parker concerned for those in peril in the sea. (Apropos, fans of the nimble numbers of LUPO’s Founding Father are advised to click on the latest News item for some light amid the encircling gloom.)

Displaying their derring-do in the Intervals – LUPO’s Wild West where cows punch people, the residents speak Iddle Jinglish and giant unguiculate lexical dinosaurs bellow in the verbal Madlands −  are Ed Ahern, Damian Balassone, Jerome Betts, Susanna Clayson, Edmund Conti, S.O. Fasrus, Brian Garrison, Brian S. Lee, Bruce McGuffin, L.A. Mereoie, Kathleen Naureckas, Mae Scanlan, George Simmers, Craig W. Steele and Liza McAlister Williams.

Competition 38 sees rosettes handed out to the varied substitutions of Brian Allgar, Joanna Bird, Catherine Chandler, Tracy Davidson, Peter Fereday, Susan Jarvis, Martin John, Mae Scanlan and Sue Scott.

The dazzling array of LUPO autumn  debutantes includes Ed Ahern, Alan Balter, Mark Blaeuer, Brian Garrison, Midge Goldberg,  Elizabeth Horrocks, Alan Lewis, J. M. McBirnie, David Mitchell, Craig W. Steele and Paul Wooldridge.

An appreciative welcome to them, as well as a welcome back to our regulars and recidivists, together with a fruitful autumn full of real mushrooms and not mushroom clouds, to all our readers.

Montbretia in bloom