Brendan Beary: Deck The Hols

Amanda snorkels some Australian bay,
And Peter's in the north Norwegian fjords.
I'm here at work to cope as best I may
While managers beat plowshares into swords.
See Jamaica! Tour Japan!
It just seems to run to plan:
When the office is near empty is when shit will hit the fan.

While Henry vacillates in Montreal,
And Susan's churlish on a Naxos beach,
I'm here to field a trustee's panicked call,
Since I'm one of the few that she can reach.
I can still hold down the fort
Though our staffing's caught out short;
I don't need their histrionics for the auditors' report.

In Rome, there's whole new staffs Dean can berate;
Wherever Cathy's whingeing, it's not here.
With all these people absent, work's been great --
A pity August comes just once a year.
Go, enjoy your holiday –
If you can, extend your stay,
For they also serve, it seems, who only stand out of the way!