David Galef: Divide

She says “a quarter to six.”
   He says “Five-forty-five.”
He says “God damn it!”
   She says “Sakes alive!”

She says “half full,” not “half empty.”
   He says the glass should be smaller.
She says pi-cawn when he says pee-can,
   Yet somehow her vowels are taller.

He orders a hoagie or grinder.
   She calls for a wedge, sub, or hero.
He terms it null or sometimes zip
   What she names a goose egg or zero.

What he calls an ice cream soda,
   She dubs a cherry float.
She says “ugh” to rhyme with “bug,”
   Not to dislodge food from her throat.

Despite their pronounced differences,
   They signed on as husband and wife,
Got married or merried or mairied
   And had a harmonious life.