Competition 39: Creatively Condensed

Wendy Cope has been a whizz at condensing longer works into a few words, as with her Wasteland limericks, not to mention whoever it was shrank the Ode On A Grecian Urn into Lovers on jug /Never can hug./Men rot,/Pots not.

You are invited to try your hand at reducing, poems, plays, films, short stories or novels into easily-digestible bite-size verse, with a maximum of eight lines per potted production within the usual overall maximum of sixteen.

(So you could submit two of eight lines, three limericks, two sestets and a quatrain, two quatrains and a sestet, four quatrains and, in theory, eight couplets.)

Your minimal entries not later than Sunday 19th November, please, headed Competition 39.

Cows splashing in water. Woodcut by Thomas Hood.Back to your fields, you madcap mooers!
This playground’s closed to herbage-chewers!