In This Issue

So, here comes LUPO’s December issue in the countdown days to the end of 2018 in these rather too interesting political times. However, LUPO averts its gaze from the weasels and werewolves of Westminster, preferring the company of absconding molluscs, Burns, beanie-wearers, beardies, cats, clay-footed gurus, Columbus, dogs, mice, St Anthony and Saga Vanacek. It contemplates Eusden and Euston, suffers the malevolence of household objects, does a spot of home maintenance, rebukes the sea, confesses to a private vice, castigates a clock radio, and considers age, the calendar, the festivities, diet, digital hypochondria, drones, medical matters, railway lines, no-show winter and ocean dreams.

Those featuring in the short verse bursts of the three Intervals (plus a longer run in prose in a seasonal bonus experimental excursion) include Damian Balassone, Melissa Balmain, Rob Barratt, Jerome Betts, Jane Blanchard, Pat D’Amico, Susan de Sola, Paul Fraleigh, Daniel Galef, Max Gutmann, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Geoff Lander, L.A.Mereoie, Jake Murel, James B. Nicola, Chris O’Carroll, Thomas Tyrrell, Tom Vaughan, Peggy Verrall and Paul Willis.

Covered in dust and chippings, the chisellers of Competition 43’s epitaphs proudly display the fruits of their labours, that is to say Brian Allgar, Patrick Biggs, Jo Bird, Ken Chester, John Cooper Susanna Clayson, Pat D’Amico, Susan Jarvis and Bruce McGuffin.

Nine welcome newcomers to the line-up of light-versifying luminaries are Diana Devlin, Paul Fraleigh, Louise Michelle, Dianne Moritz, Jake Murel, Mark Totterdell, Thomas Tyrrell, Dan Veach and Martin Wyatt.

And while we're about it, congratulations to the many LUPO oldcomers who feature in the first two Potcake Poets chapbooks edited by Robin Helweg-Larsen. (See the News section for details.)

Finally, the usual apologies to those whose pieces have had to be held over, and a Merry Midwinter (or in some cases Midsummer) to all LUPO’s contributors and readers, as well as good luck with whatever 2019 has in store.


Europen spedwell (small blue flowes)