Elizabeth Horrocks: Sporting Calendar

January: who will menace,
And who will win Australia's tennis?

February's when the start is
Of the Six Nations – where my heart is.

March, and there's the deafening roar
As F1 racing starts once more.

April brings the thumps and bumps
Over the Grand National's jumps.

May's when football fans are up
At Wembley for the FA Cup.

June is when the cricket wins:
The Test Match season now begins.

July brings Wimbledon, and we
Have strawberries and cream for tea.

In August, golf fans shed a tear:
“The final major of the year!”

September's cyclists must be fit on
The somewhat gruelling tour of Britain.

October: athletes, lithe and slim,
Find the world's best in the gym.

November, indoors after dinner,
Watch snooker – who's the UK winner?

December, and it's cold and raining,
and nothing's going on but training!