Competition 44: Make Mine Macaronic

Harry Graham of the Ruthless Rhymes once produced a splendid 16 lines of macaronic verse on reading that the Kaiser had conversed with a museum director ‘in French, German and English’.

Guten Morgen, mon ami!
Heute ist es schönes Wetter!
Charmé de vous voir ici!
Never saw you looking better!

Wyndham Lewis had a lover in a limerick taking ‘two very hard bites at one chéri’, Ogden Nash commented on les corbeaux and their esprit de caw and an anonymous scribbler contemplating a train trip to France asked 'Still there, the notice windows bore –/Ne pas se pencher au dehors?'

You are invited to contribute to the confusion of tongues with as wide a range as you can manage (Latin alphabet only) in up to 16 lines of verse, though 2, 4 , 8 and 12 are very acceptable, by 14th February 2019, entries headed Competition 44.


 Carved and painted Tudor lion mask dark-yellow face, blue eyes.  

That's it! I'm bringing up the rear
To say we're back in March next year.