In This Issue

Here, at the start of a possibly momentous autumn, is Lighten Up On Line’s Issue 47. From Melissa Balmain’s Cinderella exposé to Ed Shacklee’s fearsomely ugly ducklings, it is stuffed with real ducks, humming birds, vultures, partridges, goats and dogs, with a peccary and a tortoise by the way. There are kings, dukes, doctors, and a wealth of comments on life, love, food, funerals, and gadgets, not to mention swimming pool selfies, office politics, a gift horse, a xylophage and an ovillejo, laced with limericks literary, historical, slimy, and psychological. 

Showing their paces in the four Intervals are contributors old and new from both hemispheres, namely Damian Balassone, Jerome Betts, Patricia Bradley, Janice Canerdy, Terese Coe, Edmund Conti, Mary Cresswell, Steven Croft, Pat D’Amico, David Galef, William Green, Max Gutmann, Charles Hadfield, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Elizabeth Horrocks, Allen Ireland, Brian S. Lee, Bruce McGuffin, L.A. Mereoie, Martin Parker, Nina Parmenter, Tony Peyser, Alex Steelsmith, Beverly Stock, James Turner and Wendy Watson.

Combing the straws from their hair and scraping the mud off their fetlocks or forelocks, the winners of Competition 46 line up to receive their green gluten-free LUPO awards, that is to say, Damian Balassone, Ken Chester, Ed Conti, Tracy Davidson, Julia Griffin, Elizabeth Horrocks, Susan Jarvis Bryant, Bruce McGuffin, D. A. Prince  and Jo Scutch.

A warm September welcome to seventeen scintillating  LUPO debutantes, namely Margaret Donovan Bauer, Victoria Crawford, Steven Croft, Sally Festing, William Green, Charles Hadfield, Allen Ireland, Kristy Keller, Sheri-Ann O’Shea, Nina Parmenter, Paula Slade, Alex Steelsmith, Beverly Stock, James Turner, Beth Weinhouse, Nicola Wood and Wendy Watson.

Reminder. Recent correspondence has revealed that some readers are unaware that to see every contribution by a particular person they should click on The Poets heading on the Home page, click on a name in the list (first name alphabetic order) and enter it in the Search box that then appears.

Finally, the usual apologies to those whose accepted work has had to be held over, and, politics and global position permitting, a productive new season to all contributors and readers.


Man and woman harvesting in September