Martin Elster: A Xylophage

A parched and withered piece of wood
to you must taste supremely good
and cellulose like eating cake,
softly as a thawing flake
melting on my tongue in a storm
(though now the summer air feels warm).
Is chomping tree material
akin to chewing cereal?
Grape-Nuts? Coffee and some toast
with butter? Well, you’re quite engrossed
in your pursuit. You’ve caught the bug—
the whittler’s bug. You’re like a drug
abuser. I hyperbolize
a tad. I shouldn’t criticize
your habits. Wow! Your mandibles
are chomping through the porch. Your skills
transforming wooden boards to pulp
are great. There’s nothing you can’t gulp!
Go munch and nibble. Have it all.
Just please don’t tunnel through my wall!