Susan Jarvis Bryant : Vulture Culture

I cringe at the culture of vultures
who relish the squeal of a wheel;
all they require
is the squish of a tire,
and they’re dished up a ready-made meal.

I’m puzzled by scavenging creatures
who guzzle down gizzards and gore.
What abhorrent hygiene −
I prefer fresh cuisine,
not muck that’s been plucked from the floor.

Now why can’t all vultures go vegan
and peck on delectable fruits?
If they cut out the guts
and nibbled on nuts
I’d think them the cutest of brutes.

Though, I shouldn’t be mean to the cleaners
of Gaia’s haphazard highway.
I just don’t wanna die
so they dive from the sky
to my all-you-can-eat buffet!

4 turkey vultures on bare tree