INTERVAL TWO: Sixes, Fours And Twos

Robin Helweg-Larsen: Optimism

Do you have a clear detection
Of an unexpired affection?
Are you reckoned to come second in her life?
Was there someone there before you?
Let it be, don’t let it bore you;
It'll keep her somewhat saner as your wife.

♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣ 

Damian Balassone: The French Teacher

My teaching style was what they call laissez-faire;
success was not to be a lay down misère;
a snotty nosed kid turned my class on its head:
‘We’d rather do Rambo than Rimbaud,’ he said.

♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣

Edmund Conti: Shopping in France with High School French

You may pay through the nose
For what you say through the nose.

♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣

Patricia Bradley: Sonoma Harvest

Soon we shall start the annual ‘crush’
When grapes become—dare I say?—high-end mush
Thanks to blades of steel in tanks that glisten
The search begins for winely frisson
More efficient than feet stomping on the pick
The idea of which, quite frankly, makes me sick

♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣

Jerome Betts: Hot Gospelry

This ruin by the road to town
Was once a famous preacher’s parsonage.
His hell-fire style won such renown
Locals rechristened it ‘The Arsonage’. 

♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣ 

Tony Peyser: Unspoken Truth About Life Online

The internet has instant access and we can all clap for that.
But information isn’t insight. There isn’t yet an app for that.

♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣

James Turner: Health And Safety Blues

Woke up this morning with the health and safety blues.
Yeah! Woke up this morning with the health and safety blues.
Thought shall I get up now, or shall I stay in bed?
Can't get back to sleep now, with this thinkin' in my head.
Turn off the radio, don't wanna hear no news,
'Cause I woke up this morning with the health and safety blues.

 ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣

David Galef: Social Exposure

Dora, social media queen,
Bared her brother on the screen:
Dropped his drawers to moon the cam.
Now she’s banned on Instagram.

♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣

Bruce McGuffin: The Peccary

Consider the plight of the poor perplexed peccary
Who says, "We're not pigs. Are we swine? What the heck are we?"

Collared peccary recumbent face to camera