David Alpaugh: More Double Titles


A tortoise


Its shell 1 way of dealing with . . . vulnerability.
Slither is another. There’s burrowing into earth.
Dwelling under log or stone or inside a cave or
gated community. Only or never faring forth at
night. Protecting one’s sweet flesh like a desert

Tortoise. A kindergarten teacher mother-henned
1-2-3-Go! into my head. Look every-which-way.
Do not cross on Red.   Go warily up & down the
stair. Later a prof warned: Never diss a Tortoise!
Coached by ZENO, he’ll always trounce your

HARE. . . .


Hummingbird and flower

BIRDS . . .

Are different from us, I hear F. Scott cry;
& Ernie reply: Yep, they can fly. That we
do it better’s settled law now, I presume.
No nighthawk, titmouse, owl, flamingo
has landed on the moon! We’re 1-up on

Birds when it comes to flying—Yay! Plus
3 meals are enough to keep us in the fray.
But if a hummer can’t find a licker store
1st hour after dawn? Poor sucker’s gone!
WE have time to play. Birds must eat all

DAY. . . .