INTERVAL FOUR: Limericks Slimy And Psychological

L. A. Mereoie: Opening Shot

Doing laxative lab-tests, a man,
Took a swig, felt a spasm, and ran,
But later, deflated,
Regretfully stated,
‘No good – just a flash in the pan.'

♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣

Janice Canerdy: We Work Hard for the Money

Those guys in white shirts are so lucky.
Compared to our job, theirs is ducky.
I speak for us plumbers.
Some days are such bummers,
Spent knee-deep in things really yucky

♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣ 

Max Gutmann: One Small Step

It appeared at the time quite propitious
When a sea creature, very ambitious,
Crawled to land, there to stay.
If he saw us today,
Would he wish he had stuck with the fishes?

 ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣

Terese Coe: Ziggy Freud

Whenever we read Ziggy Freud
we sense he is one with the Void.
But the thing that embitters
and gives us the jitters−
spontaneous sex was destroyed.

♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣

Jerome Betts: In Concert

A girl playing Bach on her cello
Was incensed by a bull’s distant bellow,
But, on noting its key
Was a pure middle C,
Her mood at once started to mellow.

♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣ 

Wendy Watson: Discord

A flautist and harpist were matched
And plans for the wedding were hatched,
But, getting cold feet,
He beat a retreat,
Preferring her ‘no strings attached’.

 ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣    ♣

William Green: Variation On A Theme by D. P.

In its varied and bright cornucopia
Love's an unerring slice of eutopia.
It is perfect each day
Oh, and just by the way,
I’m the Grand Duke of Deuteranopia.

Magenta hollyhocks