In This Issue

The March 2020 issue of LUPO, its 49th, kicks off the New Year, Leap Year, Olympic Year, or transition ten months in the UK’s case, with a bill of fare headed and footed by that Pond-spanning pair Martin Parker and Melissa Balmain and offers bears, Beowulf, bread, and beasts of the fabulous ilk, as well as care home queens, canines, cats (can’t keep the creatures out), child-minding, cooking, cricket, critics, croquet and fleas. There is a lullaby,, novels, office life, pasta, publisher’s angst, shopping, stiff limbs, and yoga with much else besides from contributors old and new.

Setting out their stalls in the four Intervals are Damian Balassone, Jerome Betts, John Briscoe, Terese Coe, John Cooper, Pat D’Amico, Wayne DePriest, Martin Elster, Richard Fleming, Jacques Groen, Max Gutmann, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Elizabeth Horrocks, Chris O’Carroll, Bruce McGuffin, Colin McKim, L.A. Mereoie, Leslie Monsour, James Reynolds, Robert Gordon Reynolds, Alex Steelsmith, Henry Stimpson, Terry Tosh, Robert West, Gail White and Liza McAlister Williams.

The winners to be envoius of in Competition 48 are the small but select band of Douglass Allen, Ken Chester, John Cooper, Richard Fleming, Elizabeth Horrocks, Bruce McGuffin, L. A. Mereoie and D. A. Prince

Welcome participants in the Lupine ensemble for the first time are Wayne DePriest, Jacques Groen, E. A .M Harris, Mary-Beth Hines, Jane Pearn, James Reynolds, Thomas Gordon Reynolds, Henry Stimpson, Mark Weinrich, J. Weintraub, and Julian D. Woodruff.

Please note that the LUPO gremlin, pinned in its lair since Issue 42, has escaped, so when scrolling through the issue for Previous read Next and vice versa.

And finally, despite droughts, fires, floods, golf ball-sized hailstones or globe-girdling viruses, a happy new decade to LUPO’s readers and writers all over the world.


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