Ed Shacklee: Mad Scientist Lullaby

In the movie I’m planning to make
to put me to sleep late at night,
I’ll be playing the tragic lead

for all that it's worth in a low
budget tale of weird science gone wrong
and ideals that were simply too pure,

like the lab coat I’ll wear with the stains
a close-up reveals but I’ll miss
as I’m scribbling the alien tongue

of genius a half step from madness
in a notebook recording the sum
of my hopes the whole audience knows

will misfire tonight in the lab
and make the test subject explode
into furious unrestrained growth

as that small horny lizard becomes
a man in a cheap rubber suit
run amok in a set built to scale,

and Tokyo’s levelled again
by egg-headed plans gone awry,
while the scientist actor is doomed

as in all the b-movies before
to witness the wreck of his dreams
until the script puts him to sleep.