E. A. M. Harris: Many - How Many?

How many envelopes can I push out today?
Catching the hot-desk unawares,
heating it in an instant and a blaze of passwords,
swearing on a ream of A4s.

I lost three plots before coffee
hopefully recycled via the green bin.
The desk simmered as tidy
as an empty mind, i.e. mine.

Post-lunch we loaded another hopper
with red tape and irritation.
5 p m went off with a huff
and a fitful shredder

while I flirted with a rack of repair-men
and chased it into the library stack,
the best place to lose and never find
how many promises from day one.

Evening; switch off desk and mind; remind each other,
last one pulls out all elephants and locks the door.