Peter Goulding: Lachlan's On The Climbing Frame

Lachlan’s on the climbing frame. Should he be there at all?
He’s twenty feet above the ground and looking very small.
He chooses to ignore me as I stand down here and call.
At least there’s children underneath to cushion any fall.

Lachlan’s on the climbing frame with all his pre-school clique,
the very climbing frame that he fell off last Friday week.
He grazed his leg from arse to knee and badly bruised his cheek.
Why do they always choose that place to go play hide and seek?

Lachlan’s on the climbing frame, pretending he’s a duck
or maybe it’s a chicken (I can hear both quack and cluck.)
I think I’ll leave him to it, find a seat and trust to luck.
Oh no, he’s looking down at me and saying that he’s stuck.