Richard Fleming: The Vegan Lion

Though carnivores, of course, take pride
in carving up gazelle and gnu,
I’ve put that sort of thing aside:
with meat I’ve nothing more to do
for I’ve embraced the vegan cult
with fleshless meals the end result.

The other lions will not stay
when I extol life, vegan-style.
They move off in complete dismay
and ostracise me for a while
but I’ll convert them, given time,
and teach them hunting is a crime

But, on occasion it is hard
to stick to vegan rules and not
be tempted or be caught off guard
or otherwise to lose the plot
and gaze in envy while they feast
on juicy haunch of wildebeest.

It all went pear-shaped one fine day.
I joined my fellows on a chase.
Excitement carried me away
and at the kill I claimed my place.
Chomping a haunch, I heard them laugh.
I never could resist giraffe.