Robert Black: It Fell Through The Gap

The propaganda about ‘us’ and ‘them’
paled to insignificance
when ‘it’ appeared in no-man’s-land,
and set about setting up camp.

“No-man’s-land!”, we shouted.

“Yes”, it wistfully replied, “Is an island”.

“No, you idiot! Not island! Land!”.

“Yes. Yes”, it said disarmingly,
while winding up the gramophone, “I get it”.

Before it got it, we tried again.
“You’ve pitched your tent in no-man’s-land!”.

“You’re being very kind”, it opined politely,
while graciously reclining on a luxury item,
“But don’t worry about me. I don’t mind”.

Oddly enough, it was a stick-bomb that got it . . .
whatever it was . . .
they throw anything, that lot!

No, not us. We were trying to lasso it
with telephone wire.