J. I. Kleinberg: Recipe For A Curse, Served Warm

This is a family recipe
that’s passed down from my mother
whose enemies were numerous
beginning with her brother.

For bowls we think that black is best
but red is fine and if not red
then porphyry or cinnabar
or coal will do quite well instead.

Do not be tempted by your tools –
mallet, cleaver, blow torch, flail –
or fall to careful measuring
with cup or spoon or pinch or scale.

But into bowls heap steaming mounds
of FEAR, I’m sure you know the type –
the airplane plunging from the sky,
the truck that breached the center stripe,

the taps and rattles in the dark,
the fall, the cough, the sudden lump,
the tainted meat, the parasites,
the dinner date with Donald Trump.

We recommend a dash of greed
and something sour to set the taste,
and if you have some handy lies
you shouldn’t let them go to waste.

A little bitterness is good
to help the flavors activate,
then dump it in your Cuisinart
and set it on Obliterate.

Though brewed of every vile fear
this would not be a proper curse
if you should keep it to yourself
to wrangle into treacly verse.

My mother said her swill would last –
no special care required.
Just heat it up and fill a cup
to serve the undesired.