David Alpaugh: Two Further Double Titles

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The operative syllables here are big and mist.
Faced with Frost’s & Yogi’s fork in the road,
he aims to “travel both and be one traveler.”
Each wife demands a world where all of him
Is hers; but he prefers the Expanding Universe of

Bigamist. And that’s where the mist seeps in.
Loving 2 women—knowing neither can bear
very much duality—he feathers 2 love nests,
providing each bird with locality. A thrilling
existence! as long as he keeps his lovebirds—at a



 Marilyn Monroe design


Big Breasts! What sex was all about as we
baby booming boys rocketed into puberty.
Joke du jour—girl with lisp, as Doc applies
stethoscope and asks her for “Big Breaths!”
“YETH! and I’m only thixteen yearth old!

Falsies. Marilyn, Raquel, Brigitte, Ursula, Bo—
so above pulling wool over our eyes. But REAL
girls that we TOOK to the movies (Mandy, Terry
Ruth) when they let us get to 1st base in the dark?
were we fondling foam rubber or goddess-honest

TRUTH . . .


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