Janice Canerdy: Happy Fiftieth!

Congratulations! You've now lived
a full half-century.
I'll bet you're asking, "What's in store?
What changes will I see?"

As one well past her fiftieth,
I know a thing or two.
Sit back, relax, and listen up
as I enlighten you.

First, you'll become quite popular.
Six times a month you'll see
a letter from a stalker with
the name AARP.

Your inbox messages will urge
you, "Buy Depends on Sale.”
“Our Vitamins for Fifty-Plus
are must-haves.” “Please don't fail

to buy more insurance today--
life, cancer, burial."
"At Shady Lane retirees have
a life content and full."

You'll find some younger people think
that fifty's ELDERLY!
Ignore those whippersnappers. Just
how clueless can they be?