Max Gutmann: Masturpiece

"Ninety percent of the guests here tell me that what
I'm doing is art," a female stripper at the Dream
Go Go Bar in the city of Trondheim told NRK radio.

When a customer says I'm an artist,
I can sense the great joy I’ve released.
It's the culturedest guys, and the smartest
That admire an authentic artiste.

That professor that works at the uni
Thinks my version of Salomé's tale's
Real aesthetic. His eyes go all swoony
When I get to the last of the veils.

There's a guard from the modern museum
Views the abstract components of dance.
During Waltz of Blue Shape Things I see 'im,
And he ain't got his hand in his pants.

It's the high-brow intelligent fellas
Which my dancing 'll thrill and enthrall,
Guys with ties on and fancy umbrellas.
One in ten, though, got no taste at all!